Welcome to Akakura Onsen.

Akakura Onsen is a hot spring located in a plateau surrounded by beautiful nature. You can enjoy nature and a free-flowing hot spring while staying our comfortable and welcoming hotel


At our restaurant you will enjoy our grilled cuisine along with a variety of beverages, alcoholic and non alcoholic. With our meat dishes we focus on bringing out the best from each ingredient to make quality dishes for customers. Our customers frequently order many alcoholic beverages including beer and wine with our meat dishes as they go very well together.


200 years of history since it’s discovery, the onsen contains 2 spring qualities. From Mount Myoko there are multiple sources of hot springs which lead into one pipe that comes down to Akakura, then into our onsen. The onsen water is straight out of the source form Mount Myoko making our onsen unprocessed and natural containing many minerals which you can directly see in the onsen. Please enjoy your true onsen experience at our hotel.


We offer 3 types of rooms, western style, Japanese style and Japanese-western style.On floors 3 and 4 there are rooms that don’t face Mount Myoko but from these rooms, depending on weather conditions and your luck, you can look out your window and see an ocean of clouds.Being able to enjoy these mystical views is what makes our hotel unique.